5 Ways to Help Your Job Search Before You Get Out Of Bed

November 7th, 2011

Job-hunting is stressful, and sometimes it makes you want to just hide under the covers. Luckily, there are still productive things you can do even while cowering in bed. While you sit there in your pajamamas, beef up your job search with some of the following:

1.) Polish your LinkedIn profile. You should have a clear and professional headline. Completely fill out your education and job history. Complete the skills section, so that potential employers looking for your skill-set can find you. Make sure you’ve included your resume, and that it is up to date.

2.) Are you skills a little rusty? Get back up to speed with free online tutorials. There are tutorials online for all kinds of skills from typing to PowerPoint to programming or learning a second language.

3.) Get on Twitter. No, we don’t want you to give a play by play of your breakfast and coffee. Instead, post links to informative articles about your industry, and tweet hellos to professionals in your field.

4.) Read the whole business section of the paper, not just the classifieds. Stories there can tell you what companies are new to the area and who might be expanding. These are companies that might need new employees soon. Most job openings are never posted. By researching on your own, you can find potential openings.

5.) Beef up your job search with Google. Do a search for "Your City" plus "jobs" or "your profession needed". The results may contain blog entries, news stories and other results you won’t find on the job boards.

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