How to Accelerate Your Career During a Struggling Economy

December 2nd, 2011

It’s easy to feel like a career “victim” of the struggling economy and job picture. Avoid this temptation. Change your outlook; change your results.

For example, if your state’s unemployment rate is 10 percent, that statistic also means that 90 percent of the workforce is still collecting a pay check. The employment glass remains over “half full”.

Proactive Tips to Re-energize Your Career

     1. Honestly evaluate your employment situation. The key word is “honestly”. What is the real reason you want to start a job search? When unemployed, define (to the face in the mirror) the job you’d really like. Has your career prepared you to land the job you want?

     2. Research and investigate all potential opportunities. The Internet offers you a staggering volume of  job opportunity information. The Internet also allows you to investigate thousands of employers that may interest you.

     3. Keep your network alive and active during your job search. Your personal network (friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc.) is your most valuable resource to help jumpstart your career. Studies indicate that 80 percent of people report that their network helped them find good jobs.

     4. Partner with staffing and employment firms. They typically have the best opportunities and, if you meet their criteria, their expertise will help you get that wonderful job you want.

     5. Analyze every job offer carefully. Commit to high professional standards. Evaluate offers as you would in a “hot” job market. Only accept an offer from a company you like, a job with sufficient challenges and career advancement probabilities.

Are you ready to re-energize your career? Let the job search journey begin.

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