37 Things I Have Learned from Genius Leaders

January 9th, 2013

In my almost 37 years of life, I have been privileged to work with, learn from and study some amazing leaders. Leaders I call Genius. As I approach my 37th birthday I set down to really think about what I have learned from these awesome teachers. Below you will find a summary of what I have learned from these Genius Leaders.

1.They are humble.
2.They are comfortable in their own abilities so they can share responsibility with others.
3.They guard their time.
4.They live by a big vision.
5.They acknowledge the team more than themselves.
6.They are constant learners.
7.They can communicate well both verbal and non-verbally.
8.They love a great challenge.
9.They are aware of their fears; they just don’t let them get in the way.
10.They see delegation as shared power, not weakness.
11.They say thank you a lot.
12.They use goals as a tool to accomplish great things.
13.They are great listeners.
14.They meditate daily.
15. They take good notes on life.
16.They put a high value on relationships.
17.They invest their wealth wisely.
18.They have a unique perspective on life.
19.They have learned to silence the critics with their results, not their reaction.
20.They read valuable stuff daily.
21.They are willing to challenge the status qua.
22.They have learned to overcome procrastination.
23.They rewrite the book on impossible.
24.They have thrown away their iron fist of leadership philosophy.
25.They have learned to work hard on themselves and inspire others, rather then try to change others.
26.They have great faith.
27.They enjoy life.
28.They are disciplined.
29.They have a positive attitude.
30.They manage their stress well.
31.They work on their character often.
32.They live from their Genius Potential.
33.They are not intimidated by feed back.
34.They have a strong sense of their legacy.
35.They have mentors and they mentor others.
36.They have a compelling why for what they are doing in life.
37.They are problem solvers, not problem fixers.


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