Our Recruiting Edge

Ever look at a new hire and wonder, “Who hired that guy?”

At HR Relief, we take the time and steps necessary to weed out the “that guy’s” of the world, ensuring you are presented with only the best and most-talented candidates. To help determine the reliability and work ethic of potential candidates, we use a highly-refined technology called Global Work Styles Inventory (GWSI) ™,  administered by AxiomOne.

(GWSI) ™ is an online screening tool that helps identify desirable and undesirable characteristics of employees in high turnover positions including administrative, clerical and call center. With (GWSI) ™, HR Relief can help you prevent common workplace issues like poor attendance, tardiness, turnover, low productivity and safety violations. Saving you time, cost and stress!

Furthermore (GWSI) ™  provides insight into three major areas affecting the success of a new employee:

Ability to accept criticism

These three areas are critical in determining the likelihood of a temporary employee, or any employee’s,  success in a new position or a changing work environment.

(GWSI) ™ provides a more comprehensive approach to conducting a behavioral interview by producing an interview roadmap designed to hone in on the strengths (and potential weaknesses) of candidates.

Searching for better employees?

See the difference (GWSI) ™ can make for your business. Contact HR Relief today to learn more.

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